Diego Perino


IdeNtity verifiCatiOn with privacy-preservinG credeNtIals for anonymous access To Online services (2019-2020), H2020-MSCA-RISE-2018


From Real-world Identities to Privacy-preserving and Attribute-based CREDentials for Device-centric Access Control (2015-2018), H2020-EU.3.7

Information aware data plane for programmable networks (2015), EIT ICT Lab Activity

Optimizing content delivery via information centric networking (2013-2016), Bell Labs-INRIA common lab activity

CONNECT (2011-2012), Content-Oriented Networking: a New Experience for Content Transfer. ANR.

NAPA-WINE (2008-2011), Network-Aware P2P-TV Applications over Wise Networks,European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (ICT-2007-1).

4WARD (2008-2009), Architecture and design for the future Internet, European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (ICT-2007-1.1).

ALADDIN (2007-2011), Algorithm Design and Analysis for Implicitly and Incompletely Defined Interaction Networks, Agence National de Recherche ANR.

GANG project-team, INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt.

MARDI II (2008-2011), Collaborative Research Contract between Orange Labs and INRIA.

MARDI (2006-2007), Collaborative Research Contract between Orange Labs and INRIA.